Why Juice, Why now?

For too long, creators have lacked the financing and support they need to build great businesses. Today, we’re changing that with Creative Juice.


If you’re one of the 4.2 billion people who actively use social media, you’ve probably noticed that creators are going mainstream.

In the past year alone, TikTokers sparked a global feta shortage, Charli D’Amelio gave Dunkin’ Donuts a massive sales lift with her signature drink, and MrBeast’s viral burger brand became bigger than Shake Shack in a single day.

The odd thing about all of this isn’t that influencers are a force to be reckoned with. It’s that traditional financial institutions still have no idea how to value and support creators, despite their impact.

Case in point: the creator economy is set to exceed $30 billion this year, supported by two million creators and two billion monthly consumers worldwide. And yet, when creators turn to banks for a loan, the phrase “I’m a YouTuber” still elicits confusion and blank stares.

Today we’re changing that with Creative Juice: it finally pays to be creative 😉

"My bank didn’t get what I do, which made it near impossible to get a bank loan.

WheezyWaiter, YouTuber, 1 million subscribers

Put simply, Creative Juice helps creators know and grow their value

“How much could my channel earn in the future? Should I get financing to hire a team? What’s my channel library worth?

Creators can’t confidently answer these questions until they have an accurate sense of their current and future net worth. Today, creators see an incomplete snapshot of their businesses with revenue coming in at different times and across multiple sources. Creators don’t need better bandaids to solve this problem. They need a better system, a system built for creators.

We want to make it easy for every creator to build a business. Juice gives creators clarity, predictability, and control over their revenue.

Creators can use Juice to:

Know your value.

Creative Juice clearly breaks down revenue streams across different platforms, calculates historical and future revenues.  With a clear picture of their worth, creators can make informed decisions about growing their business.

Access capital.

The Juice Fund enables investments in passionate, up and coming entrepreneurial creators. We’re excited to officially launch our first $2 million fund in partnership with the legendary YouTube creator MrBeast. We’ll also be unveiling additional ways of accessing financing. Sign up to apply to Juice Funds and learn more.

Learn from one another.

Information is power. And we’re sharing it freely via a knowledge base that defines industry standards and brings price transparency to the market. With access to a community of other creators, leaderboards, rate cards, and guides, creators can make smarter business decisions and charge brands what they’re worth.

"I want to be a better business. I just don’t know where to start.

Poke, YouTuber, 4 million subscribers

In 2020, YouTube channels earning six figures grew by 40% year over year, while the total number of new channels also increased by 40%. YouTube has paid creators and artists more than $30 billion in the past three years. And brands are on track to spend $15 billion on influencer marketing in 2022, up from $8 billion in 2019.

Although these numbers may seem extraordinary today, we're still just at the beginning of what we believe is a decades-long trend of people earning a living by expressing their individuality and creativity online.

Our founders have deep roots in Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Ez spent 20 years working with creators, and Sima spent those same 20 years in financial services. With Creative Juice, we’re leveraging decades of experience in fintech and the creator space to serve a segment that’s special to both of us.

More than ever, creators need better tools and financing to become great businesses. We're building Creative Juice now to accelerate growth of the creator economy and help creators become a core part of our global economy. And we're beyond excited to foster self-expression as we help more creators live better financial lives.

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